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Lay The Blame

9 thoughts on “ Lay The Blame

  1. Example sentences with "lay the blame on", translation memory A too favourable assessment with pardon of all the mistakes and laying the blame on the particularity of the injury, on the situation, or even laying the blame on the patient's behaviour, is just as wrong as the application of exaggerated, and sometimes not realistic measures.
  2. Synonyms for 'lay the blame/responsibility (for something) on': criticize, blame, put down, reproach, reprimand, find fault with, rebuke, deride.
  3. Definition of lay the blame/responsibility on.: to blame (someone for something) The author lays the blame/responsibility for the state of the environment squarely on the government.
  4. Lay The Blame Lyrics: Again- again left with this lesson that is not mine to learn / Tears regret and painful questions it smashes your spine / Steals all that time / And takes the eyes right out of.
  5. The blame also lies with the major world powers and their leaders, who [ ] are trying to lay the blame for supplying weapons or profiteering on each other.
  6. This is the British English definition of lay the blame / responsibility (for something) on. View American English definition of lay the blame / responsibility (for something) on. Change your default dictionary to American English. See also main entry: lay ​.
  7. It's not whether you win or lose it’s how you lay the blame C D7 G I guess you could say you did all you could do C D7 To keep alive the love that we once knew G G7 C A7 Yes I could say you never made me feel I was the one G D7 G I guess the time to say goodbye has come.
  8. A blame game is already under way and, for ministers and their aides, the primary target of their ire is the civil service and what they see as the state machinery’s inability to deliver.
  9. Parents must shoulder the blame if their kids behave badly. put/pin the blame on somebody (also lay/place the blame on somebody written) (= blame someone, especially when it is not their fault) Don’t try to put the blame on me.

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