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Category: Dance/Electronica

Shift The Fulcrum (Mr Suicide) - Nekromantik - Fairy Catcher (CD)

9 thoughts on “ Shift The Fulcrum (Mr Suicide) - Nekromantik - Fairy Catcher (CD)

  1. Dark Blast Inferno (暗黒爆炎陣 Ankoku Bakuenjin) is a Ankhseram Black Magic Spell. The user charges their fist with a swirling dark matter for a brief moment, releasing it towards their target when they come in contact with their hand.
  2. Fulcrum had a portrait of a dead wife and a castle with an elderly caretaker full of secrets and a treasure trove in the basement. Part Two has a dead wife entombed in the basement guarded by her monstrous, magical husband-lover. Snoke is a combination of Mr. Rochester (only he's not hiding a crazy wife, he's hiding a dead one) and Heathcliff.
  3. the cluetrain manifesto signatories. news and links from around the net. Pirulee, a kid who wants to ride this train, Tremendo - "I took the liberty of driving this train full speed ahead to crush a language barrier, see the Resultado and spread the word! Millions of 'mad' voices coalesce to create some coherence. You guys did a great job of helping us make some sense of all this.
  4. Dante's shop is trashed (again), but now it's time to move on. Our favorite devil hunter joins Fairy Tail, and meets people as crazy as him. He loves it. However, when his past comes back to haunt him and targets his new friends, Dante questions on whether he is truly worthy of Fairy Tail, or having friends. Post Oracion Seis arc. Pre Edolas Arc.
  5. Anime/Manga Fairy Tail. Follow/Fav Suicide. By: bluecrushsurfergirl. All I could think about was Gray. Tears burned my eyes, but I refused to let them fall. I'll commit suicide for Gray. He doesn't want to see me anymore, so he wouldn't even care, so I'll just die but no one will care, that's the way I want it. I want everyone to be.
  6. Keeping Gallia AliveDisclaimer: I do not own Valkyria Chronicles, or any of its associated characters and sipaladecemunchfefingtogenbave.coinfo right belongs to Sega. [KGA] Keeping Gallia Alive [KGA] In March of the Europan Calendar year , at the war room of Castle Gassenarl in the southern forestlands of the Principality of Gallia, Count Gilbert of the House Gassenarl made a speech to his officers of the Gallian.
  7. Characters/Fairy Tail Redux Salamanders Time Traveling Escapades When They Cry Characters/Fairy Without Wings Knightmare Frame Characters/Fall Of Starfleet Side Story Evolution Of Friendship.
  8. The unnamed bearded man who kidnapped Walt in season 1 was given the nickname "Mr. Friendly" by the writers (because of his polite demeanor), a nickname which caught on with fans. Even after his name was revealed as Tom, press releases continued calling him Mr. Friendly. At Comic-Con , the writers just shrugged their shoulders and gave the.

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